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Kimia Tak Iranian Company, with C-TAK brand, has started its activities at 1963 in the field of grape planting and producing various raisins in a land of 60 hectares in Takestan city, from Qazvin province, Iran.
During the years, Kimia Tak has imported the most advanced machineries from European countries for sorting, washing, refining and packaging to provide its customers with best products. Due to high quality and important international certificates that Kimia Tak has, such as HALAL, HACCP and ISO9001 the products have been exported throughout Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Armenia and the United Arab Emirates.
Kimia Tak offers you eating raisin every day to:

Lower Blood Pressure

Control Diabetes

Prevent Cancer

Promote Bone Health

Decrease Dental disease

Healthier life

Our Products

Sultana raisin

Iranian Sultana raisin is made of the best seedless grapes which are unique in flavor and are particularly noted for their sweetness and color. they have been shown to have the highest antioxidant capacity when compared to grapes. This kind of raisin is divided into two colors: light brown and dark brown (which is sweeter). Not only sultana raisins are used as a snack food without further processing, but also they are used in bread industry, cake and pastry bakeries, breakfast cereal products, and the dairy industry.


Sun-dried raisin

Sun-dried raisins are seedless grapes, dried in direct sunlight. They contain just a naturally sweet taste and pleasant dose of nutrients. These delicious dried grapes are a heart-healthy snack that are rich in soluble fiber, which helps the body control blood sugar levels and reduces “bad” cholesterol levels. These dried fruits provide a mineral that is essential for helping your heart stay strong.



Fresh seedless grape of Takestan city, Iran

(200 , 400) gr – (1 , 2 , 10 , 12.5) Kg

Grade A 330 pcs/100gr
Grade B 331-499 pcs/100gr
Grade C 500 pcs/100gr

12 month according to the storage condition

cool dry ambient away from sunlight and heat

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